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Emmaline Bags Metal Edge Trim: Style A - Large Pointed Antique Brass

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Emmaline Bags Metal Edge Trim: Style A - Large Pointed Antique Brass
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Large pointed antique brass coloured metal trim to add that extra zing to the front flap of a purse or wallet.


The perfect thing to give your purse, bag or wallet that perfect flash of "amazing". This front flap trim piece has been designed to be used specifically with thinner materials and quilting cottons. It can still be used with leather and vinyl, not a worry - but it only has a 1/8" (3 mm) channel so your fabric will fit in nice and tight - AND it has screw holes in the back to secure it on tightly.

Colour: Antique Brass

Material: Metal

Overall Width: 7-3/8" (19 cm) x Depth at Center: 2-1/2" (63 mm)
Channel: 1/8" (3 mm)

- Simply trace the metal trim onto your paper pattern piece first, and then ADD your seam allowance on second by measuring with a ruler. This way, you will have the perfect shape and a nice fit. 
- Interfacing and stabilizer is recommended in your front flap piece.
- After your front flap is complete and turned right side out, check your trim piece for fit, adjust if necessary, and topstitch if desired.
- Slide the metal bar on again and screw in place - do not pre-cut holes for screws, but put them right through the fabric. 
- You may want to use clear, fast-grab glue in the channel to secure. You may need a small flat screw driver to press fabric into the channel if it's tight.